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With over 90 years’ experience, our philosophy has always been to provide the highest levels of customer service and comprehensive level of knowledge to our clients. Sagamore Benefits Group strives to provide cutting edge programs to maximize your Health Insurance dollar.

Sagamore Benefits Specialties:
Group Health (Any Size), Individual Health Insurance, Medicare Supplement, Long Term Care, Property & Casualty (Home, Auto) and Life Insurance.


Sagamore Benefits Group Objectives

· Consulting means problem solving. The key to problem solving is analyzing the client’s needs and desires, including what they like and dislike about their current carrier. The problem is to find and offer those alternatives that will maintain their likes while eliminating or improving the dislikes.

· Constantly evaluate third party administrators regarding their quality, flexibility, services, innovations, and costs; to maintain an awareness of the most competitive attributes of “TPAs” in the Midwest. Consequently, we can match client’s needs with a TPAs strengths – the old win-win.

· Competitive cost numbers are developed from detailed claims data, large claim diagnosis/prognosis, and comprehensive benefit information. As with anything in life, developing cost competitive quotes is derived from hard work; by the consultant and by the client, in a “teamwork” effort.

· Comprehensive Service is the result of a caring attitude, a high level of energy, and a willingness to work. We at SBG (Sagamore Benefits Group) distinguish ourselves by the service we provide. Of course, all consultants say the same thing; we’ll let you judge our commitment to quality, and dedication to comprehensive service by reviewing the below activities we routinely provide clients:
  • Year “round” benefit consulting and advice.
  • New laws analysis and information.
  • ERISA (annual) Financial report for employees.
  • Monthly new-hire orientation benefit meetings.
  • Renewal meetings (with employees).
  • Employee Materials: Benefit summaries, Salary redirection agreements.
  • Newsletter articles or payroll stuffers (customized by employer).
  • Back-up to TPA customer service
  • Research Billing problems and unresolved claims problems.
  • Offering new products, and services, in and out of flex plans.
  • Pension, 401(k), Profit Sharing planning and implementation.
  • Cafeteria Plan, and full flex plans, and administration.
  • Employee Supplemental products – offering 5 separate companies.
  • Creating new ways to service our clients is an everyday activity.
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